Ken Robinson: Government “Standardization” Blocks Innovative Education Reform


via Ken Robinson: Government “Standardization” Blocks Innovative Education Reform

Spring Testing – Time For Hardball – An OptOut/Walkout

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“Why do we protest one meaningless test and ignore the real harm being done day after day for years now? Opting out changed nothing for the children.” A Patchogue-Medford, NY, mom

And she’s right. Fighting today’s education reform battles with yesterday’s tactics is a feel-good waste of time.

“Nostalgia is a seductive liar.” Remember that.

imageHistory is full of one-hit wonders … on the scene one day, gone the next. Feasting off a single success … again and again … will turn one fat and flabby and slow and predictable.

That’s us. The anti-reform folks … with the playbook everyone knows.

The opt-out resistance has become a once-consequential opposition that feels good, but invokes no fear. It hasn’t stopped those hell-bent on destroying childhood in the name of educational reform. 

What’s changed inside the classroom for our children? Not much.

Even children who do opt-out of the state tests still…

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Think Again! Term Limits Threaten Voter Freedom


Term Limits MEME CAPITOLTerm Limits sound like a great idea. But quick fixes rarely are.
Ironically, the people calling for term limits are also the ones telling us we need smaller government, less bureaucracy, and fewer government mandates, as they simultaneously call for the government to pass a law to limit our ability to choose our own reps.
Term limits would TAKE AWAY important choices from VOTERS and IMPOSE a government mandate on them, rather than letting WE THE PEOPLE, CHOOSE OUR REPRESENTATIVES, as is our Constitutional responsibility.
Term limits would “throw out the baby with the bath water” and force out good and effective elected representatives, based on arbitrary dates on the calendar, rather than based on their merit as legislators. It is up to the voters to get rid of ineffective reps. ELECTIONS are intended to be TERM LIMITS!
Another unintended consequence of term limits is the acquisition of even more power by the bureaucrats. As duly elected leaders cycle in and out based on the calendar, it will be the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who never leave, who remain and will have the most influence on long-term policy-making. Those unaccountable bureaucrats will have more seniority and more power than many incoming elected officials.
And oh, by the way… term limits would create a permanent lame duck faction in our government. Imagine how much damage and corruption an unscrupulous Senator could generate, knowing he was not accountable to voters for an entire 6-year term!
The problem that gives us ineffective ‘career politicians,’ was just demonstrated in Alabama, when an appointed Senator of a few months, was given the full support of the Senate’s GOP funding mechanisms, because they “protect their incumbents.” The same people black-balled challengers to the appointed ‘incumbent,’ threatening political consultants who dared work for the challengers (and endangering the ongoing funding of their other clients).  In the process, an effective GOP Congressman was smeared by his own Party’s $30+ MILLION expenditure, in the name of “Incumbent protection.”
There’s your main problem: the unlimited pile of MONEY that makes it so hard for worthy challengers to effectively campaign against incumbents who are not deserving of the protection they get from their Party.
As usual, it’s about the money! To stop career politicians, we need to stop making incumbents invincible, even when they don’t deserve it!
Ineffective career politicians – and judges – are a problem. But it is not necessarily an issue that can be fixed by the calendar.


This Is Not JUST an Attack on Roy Moore

Bible constitution george washington statue of liberty

Judge Roy Moore.  Polarizing? Just a tad: He is loved and respected by the conservative Christian right. Hated and reviled by the liberal left.

He is loved for the same reason people of a different mindset hate him: He is a devoted Christian who proclaims his faith boldly and upholds its tenets. He is a staunch defender of the beleaguered U. S. Constitution, and follows it to the letter, even when the courts go off in a different direction, and it results in personal sacrifice for him.

There is no gray area for Moore.  He doesn’t “go along to get along.” He stands on principle, defending his faith and The U.S. Constitution without equivocation.  He has sacrificed his job for principle. Twice.

Moore represents an opportunity for conservative Christians to have a voice – and not just a whisper – at the U.S. Capitol.  And he will be a strong and relentless advocate to  return Constitutional fidelity to lawmaking.

Roy Moore will be a burr under the saddle of the elites who run roughshod over our Founding documents, infringing upon our First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of religion and constantly striving to undermine the Second Amendment.

The specter of Moore roaming the halls of the U.S. Capitol has caused more than a little angst among the left and the establishment elitists (from both Parties), who black-balled him and threw millions of dollars into the primary and runoff elections against him, in a failed attempt to override the will of the People of Alabama.

So it isn’t surprising that right on cue, a 38 year-old allegation crops up from a newspaper that has previously endorsed his Democrat opponent. The same newspaper that has trumped-up similar stunts to thwart the campaigns of other Republican candidates. Most notably, President Trump!

The story itself is an empty allegation. The accuser offers no proof.  But from Judge Moore’s perspective, it is hard to prove a negative. Especially when the allegation is decades old!

These are allegations that flip the usual order and render the accused guilty, until proven innocent. And in this age of social media, this empty, unprovable 38 year-old allegation has become a salacious fait accompli for the vicious left.

Right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. 

Former Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, when called out on an outright lie he’d told about Mitt Romney during his Presidential run, made no apologies. Senator Reid’s reply: “it worked, didn’t it?” And so goes the political game. No matter who it destroys.

With this empty allegation, they plan to destroy a Christian conservative icon, and they think they can stop the momentum of the conservative movement.

Getting rid of Moore would remove a supporter of President Trump’s agenda and a persuasive advocate for his conservative policies. It would make it harder to restore Constitutional order and overcome the judicial supremacy that threatens the balance of power and the very viability of our system of government.  Moore is one of the few even talking about stopping the judicial tyranny of the lower courts.

Make no mistake. Aligned with other staunch conservatives, Roy Moore will be a game-changer in the Senate. And that is why the left and the elitists are so driven to stop him. It’s not just about him. It is about his principled stand on the issues that matter to the people of Alabama who have nominated him to be their candidate.

Ironically, the loudest voices against Moore come from some of the same pundits who defend religions that marry little girls to old men, and condemn Moore for questioning the wisdom of having people who engage in the incompatible practices of those religions, serving in America’s government.

The left and the squishy establishment need somebody who’ll “go along to get along,” so they can hold onto their power, thwart President Trump’s agenda, and advance their globalist goals that weaken America.

Roy Moore is NOT that guy.  So they will stop at nothing to stop Roy Moore.