Debunking the ‘Bot-Net’ Allegation, Human Parents will Tweet to #StopCommonCore, April 17


twitter rally for education APRIL 17 meme GREENThe persistent grassroots Parents’ movement working to Stop Common Core is apparently getting to Bill Gates.  He’s funded a ‘report’ (not to be confused with a scientific study) on the impact of Twitter on the public’s perception of the Common Core State Standards.

Predictably, the Gates-funded report compiled by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), misrepresents and marginalizes the Stop Common Core movement’s methods and the relentless Parents who are working to protect their children from the unvalidated, developmentally inappropriate Common Core Standards, and to restore evidence-based educational methodology to America’s schools.

The patently false ‘bombshell’ revelation of the Gates henchmen, in the slick and obviously well-funded CPRE report, is that the Twitter-savvy parent-activists are actually a cadre of robots. Not parents and grandparents. Not even humans. Just unmanned computers generating tweets, and allegedly netting big money for the bot-net purveyor.

None of this is true, but it is in the report, so national media outlets that typically ignore the Stop Common Core movement, lapped it up gleefully (as with all rosy missives from Common Core-land) and issued their own hit-pieces aimed at crippling the (non-existent) ‘bot-net’ that was such a thorn in the side of the benevolent billionaire. Gates has reportedly spent upwards of $2 Billion to install and promote Common Core.

By contrast, the parent-activists behind the Twitter-borne opposition to Common Core, are expending their own time, money, and ingenuity to get Common Core out of their children’s schools. They are using – of all things – technology to rain Twitter misery all over the Common Core parade.

This is how it works: Various parents chip in $10 – $50 to fund the rallies which set them back all of $125. For that nominal sum, PJNET produces a live rally that includes a chat room where people gather to chat while they dispatch 50 ‘Featured Tweets’ with a click. PJNET utilizes a video platform to provide informational videos on the rally topic and music streaming from You Tube to keep the mood lively.

Featured Tweets to the rally’s hashtag are harvested from twitter and loaded into the PJNET tweet bank to be sent by clicking on the tweet’s button. Each tweet also has a retweet button. Included in the fee is an ‘Action Page’ that allows human tweeters to drop in at their convenience and dispatch featured tweets carrying the #StopCommonCore message, 24/7.

PJNET’s Twitter Rally tools are the brainchild of Mark Prasek, founder and engineer of As sophisticated as they are, they are not “robotic.”  And the CPRE researchers knew this, because Mr. Prasek took one of them on a ‘tour’ of the PJNET site and explained how it all works. Yet they still characterized these diligent parents as a “bot-net,” to be disregarded.

Bad move.

After enduring weeks of scrutiny and marginalization, theeeeey’re baaaaaack! Even more human parents and activists  will be tweeting dozens of personal messages to say to President Trump, “please #KeepYourPromise to #Stop Common Core,”  starting at midnight, April 17.

Join in! A live rally will be conducted via from 9-11pm ET (click ENTER HERE).  The Patriot Journalist chat room will be filled with the sounds of music, videos about Common Core and the Federal role in education, along with real-time chat, and a live interview with a surprise guest!

PJNET’s system makes it easy to tweet – even for inexperienced tweeters – and it’s fun to gather with other parents and activists for the live event. PJNET tracks the number of tweets to the rally hashtag(s) so participants will know in real-time what kind of impact they are making.

Prior to the live rally it is suggested that you tweet or retweet others, throughout the day, from the Action Page.  PJNET’s Tweet Scheduler  allows you schedule tweets that you select to go out automatically, if you wish. But not one tweet will be dispatched unless you first select your tweet(s) and then set up the interval at which you would like them to go out. PJNET simply follows your instructions about which tweets to send out, and when.

NOTE: (There is already an existing Action Page with tweets that can be sent out now. These tweets will be updated right before the April 17 rally)


To learn more or get involved, join the Twitter Rally for Education  facebook group:


Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards:

This rally is funded entirely by grassroots Moms and Dads who want to Stop Common Core and get the Federal Government out of our children’s education.


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